# **LP Tasks & Information Management** This outline provides a brief overview of the services and integrations I use to manage my tasks and digital information. Click on the links to learn more about the services mentioned throughout. You will see ‘Markdown’ mentioned frequently. If not familiar with the plain text to HTML conversion tool, please [check this out.](https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) This webpage has been rendered direct from the Markdown text using [this script from GitHub.]( https://github.com/oscarmorrison/md-page/tree/review/docs) [![](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/48/Markdown-mark.svg/200px-Markdown-mark.svg.png)](https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) *** ## **Apple** ### **iOS** iOS user, or iPhone OS as it was back then, since 2009. - [Copied](https://copiedapp.com) A full featured clipboard manager for iOS and macOS. This is invaluable on iOS and speeds up the process of moving information around, especially on the iPad, with split screen and slide over. - [Drafts](https://getdrafts.com) I've used Drafts since it came out in 2012. Initially it was meant as a frictionless starting point for quickly jotting down notes or information. You could then decide what to do with that text later on by using actions to send it to Mail, Messages etc. While the above it still true, Drafts has morphed into a fully-featured writing environment, supports user-definable actions (including JavaScript) and a great community of people providing both action solutions and developer feedback which is actively taken on board. Now on the Mac too. A truly great app. - [Due](https://www.dueapp.com) Due remembers everything you need so you don’t have to. It’s lightning-fast to set reminders, and it’s so persistent you can’t forget anything. - [1Writer](http://1writerapp.com) 1Writer combines all the basic text editing features you would expect with all the advanced features you will ever need. Use 1Writer to write, research, revise, and share your ideas with maximum efficiency. Supports [[Wiki links]]. - [TextGrabber](https://www.textgrabber.pro/en/?utm_source=abbyy-com-en-gb-textgrabber) Easily digitise printed text and translate it. Super handy! - [Mindnode](https://mindnode.com/mindnode/ios) ### **MacOS** Mac user since OS X 10.3 Panther back in 2004. - [Tabula](https://tabula.technology) Tabula allows you to extract data held in PDF tables into a CSV or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using a simple, easy-to-use interface. [A live example.](http://bit.ly/tabulapdf) - [Mindnode](https://mindnode.com/mindnode/mac) MindNode helps you visualise your ideas. Start with a central thought and then brainstorm, organise and share your mind maps. - [Byword](https://bywordapp.com) Markdown app for writing in plain text efficiently. - [Default Folder X](https://www.stclairsoft.com/DefaultFolderX/index.html) Improve workflow efficiency in Open & Save dialogs and navigate easily through the folder hierarchy on the Mac. - [nvALT](http://brettterpstra.com/projects/nvalt/) Notational Velocity is a way to take notes quickly and effortlessly using just your keyboard. You press a shortcut to bring up the window and just start typing. It will begin searching existing notes, filtering them as you type. - [Hazel](https://www.noodlesoft.com) Hazel watches whatever folders you tell it to, automatically organising your files according to the rules you create. Have Hazel move files around based on name, date, type, what site it came from and much more. Automatically sort your movies or file your bills. Keep your files off the desktop and put them where they belong. - [Clean Text](https://www.apimac.com/mac/cleantext/) Clean Text is a convenient tool for all Mac users that need to cleanup and edit text from emails, documents, or other material. Supports regex replacement. - [Marked 2](http://marked2app.com) Marked is a previewer for Markdown files. Used with a text editor, it updates every time you save. With robust features for previewing, reviewing and exporting beautiful documents, you can work in plain text while revelling in rich formatting. - [Deckset](https://www.deckset.com) Write down your thoughts in your favourite text editor, and Deckset will turn them into beautiful presentations. Supports Markdown. - [Alfred](https://www.alfredapp.com) Alfred is a productivity application for macOS, which boosts efficiency with hotkeys, keywords and text expansion. Search the Mac and the web, and control your Mac using custom actions. *** ## **Web Connections** ### [Encrypt.me](https://encrypt.me) (VPN) With use of HTTPS becoming more and more widespread, use of a VPN when on public Wi-Fi is probably less of an imperative than it has been. Nevertheless, it's still nice to have access to one that is cheap and easy to use when required. ### []( (DNS) is a public DNS resolver that makes DNS queries faster and more secure. It is a public DNS resolver, but unlike most DNS resolvers, is not selling user data to advertisers. *** ## **Web-based services** ### [Dropbox](https://db.tt/fisCpUCp) Information is stored in plain text (.txt) files, written in Markdown, in a Dropbox folder. From this central point, the files can be accessed / updated using the respective apps on iOS and macOS. PDFs, with formatted rich text, can be produced from the Markdown files using Marked 2. ### [Dropbox Paper](https://paper.dropbox.com/) Dropbox Paper is a product that helps you work in real-time with your team. You can write together, share comments, embed images, and more. If you have a Dropbox account, you can use Paper for free. - [**This outline exported to Dropbox Paper via Markdown**](http://bit.ly/2TT1bBQ) ### [Workflowy](https://workflowy.com/invite/25752763.emlx) Workflowy is handy for ‘wiki’ type note taking with the ability to link, tag and publish/share notes. You can also export in the OPML format (outlining) so it can be easily imported into apps such as Mindnode, used to make this mind map. - [**This outline exported to Workflowy via OPML**](http://bit.ly/2AyE8ow) ### [Fastmail](https://www.fastmail.com/?STKI=12288981) Secure, reliable email hosting for businesses, families and professionals. Premium email with no ads, excellent spam protection and rapid personal support. A great all round service. ### [Todoist](https://doist.grsm.io/leightonprice1199) Cross-platform task manager that integrates with a myriad of web-based services. I'm also an [Ambassador](https://doist.com/blog/todoist-ambassadors-tips/) for it and maintain [my own detailed guide](https://www.leightonprice.com/todoist/dates.html) to the natural language syntax used in Todoist for setting due dates, times and recurring tasks. ### [Airtable](https://airtable.com) Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organise anything. Excellent for when you require relational database functionality. ### [Trello](https://trello.com/leightonprice/recommend) Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details. Kanban boards. ### [Glide](https://www.glideapps.com) Glide is an excellent online platform that enables you to produce fully-installable mobile apps based upon data structured within your Google Sheets. It is fantastic. - [**My fully-functioning mobile app built with Glide**](https://walesrwc2019.glideapp.io) ### [Tom’s Planner](https://www.tomsplanner.com) Flexible online Gantt chart tool for project planning and collaboration ### [Pinboard](https://pinboard.in) Pinboard is a fast, no-nonsense bookmarking site for people who value privacy and speed. Bookmarked pages get archived so you can still retrieve a web page even if it gets removed from t’internet. ### [Textexpander](https://textexpander.com) TextExpander: Communicate Smarter. Gather, Perfect, Share Your Knowledge. Recall your best words instantly, repeatedly. ### [IFTTT](https://ifttt.com/) IFTTT (if this, then that) is the easy, free way to get your apps and devices working together. Not as full-featured as Zapier, but free which is probably not a good thing! *** ## Google ### [Google Sheets](https://www.google.co.uk/sheets/about/) A spreadsheet user since the days of Lotus 1-2-3 on an orange-screen Olivetti, I’ve built up a considerable knowledge which I’m continually adding to. Although not a programmer, the functions and formulas of a spreadsheet, with the tolerance of being able to achieve the same results a variety of different ways, has always appealed to my problem-solving mindset. I’ve used Microsoft Excel for the bulk of my spreadsheet years, but latterly, I’ve been hugely impressed with Google Sheets. Yes, Excel Ninjas will say, “it can’t do x, y and z,” but this shouldn’t detract from it being a viable alternative to Microsoft Excel for the majority of users. It can even perform some tricks that Excel simply can’t. - [**Practical examples of my advanced Google Sheets skills**](http://bit.ly/lpsheets) This shared Google Drive folder contains 110+ examples demonstrating my advanced Google Sheets knowledge. The vast majority of these techniques are directly transferable to Microsoft Excel. Please click on the link and take a look! ### [Google Forms](https://www.google.co.uk/forms/about/) Probably fly under the radar somewhat, but if you need to capture data in a consistent manner, Google Forms are excellent and continue to improve. When linked to Google Sheets, instant analysis is possible when using ARRAYFORMULAs. ### [Google Keep](https://www.google.com/keep/) - [OCR functionality to transcribe text from images](https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-take-advantage-of-optical-character-recognition-in-google-keep/) This is a little-known but exceptionally handy function on either mobile or desktop. Great for getting true-text of a list of files from File Manager or Finder for example. ### [Chrome Remote Desktop](https://remotedesktop.google.com) You can use a computer or mobile device to access files and applications on another computer over the Internet with Chrome Remote Desktop. ### [Chrome OS](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrome_OS) - [Chromebook](https://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/chromebook/) Although a Mac power user, I love the simplicity of a Chromebook for web-based work. ### [Text.app](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/text/mmfbcljfglbokpmkimbfghdkjmjhdgbg?hl=en) Text.app is a simple text editor for Chrome OS and Chrome. It's fast, lets you open multiple files at once, has syntax highlighting, and saves to Google Drive on Chrome OS. *** [Back]( http://bit.ly/31R3Bok)