Leighton Price

Data Analysis & Information Management


With a background in project management and business analysis, moving, interpreting and sharing data is a big part of my life. Consequently, I just love a good spreadsheet.

Mention spreadsheets and invariably, Microsoft Excel springs to mind. Indeed, I'm as enthusiastic about Excel's Power Query as the next person. However, in recent years I've become a power user of Google Sheets. It's a superb tool for collaboration and/or remote working, has a clean UI and for 95% of Excel users, is "good enough." Having used SQL, I find Google Sheets' bulit-in QUERY function to be extremely powerful and use it extensively. I'm also using Google Apps Script more and more.

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Data Analysis: I've probably got a spreadsheet for that

Here you can access live examples of how I can import, transform and visualise data using Google Sheets.

  • Portfolio of 90+ Google Sheets - This Google Drive folder lists practical and creative uses of my function/formula knowledge. Click on an example to open up a sheet and review in your browser
  • Wales Six Nations Web App - Disappointed by the lack of a decent Welsh-focused app for the 2020 Six Nations rugby tournament, I made my own using the fantastic Glide platform, powered by Google Sheets. As you'll see, it got a bit out of hand with the amount of data I ended up crunching!
  • Below are some examples of dashboards and tools I've published to the web from Google Sheets.

  • COVID-19 UK Daily Cases - A topical example of publicly available data being imported daily into Sheets with a scheduled Apps Script, parsed with QUERY & used to power a dynamic dashboard
  • US Presidents Age Analysis - Wikipedia data analysed and charted for the ages of the 45 Presidents of the United States upon first assuming office
  • US Election 2020 - Ages of candidates at time of inauguration in January 2021 calculated and analysed
  • UK General Election 2019 - This re-models and visualises live data imported from a publicly shared Google Sheet
  • 4 years of Todoist - I'm a long-time user of Todoist and, in recognition of me using my knowledge to help folk get the most out of the platform, I'm now one of a select band of Ambassadors for it too. Combining data from each of the "your year in review," summaries Todoist has issued since 2016, Google Sheets helped me gain some further insights on my usage of this excellent task management application
  • Todoist Template Generator - This tool makes it easier to produce project templates and also ensure timelines can be changed dynamically before importing. I also maintain my own expanded guide to the natural language inputs for due dates and times that can be used with Todoist
  • Google Maps - A map of Welsh SIMM summit peaks, built from both online data and the what3words API
  • PDF Data Extraction - An example of how data held within PDFs can be extracted as CSV files for use in spreadsheets using Tabula
  • Six Nations - Wales Win/Loss analysis - A creative use of Sparklines to visualise Wales' performance over the the 21 years of the Six Nations
  • Six Nations - England v Wales - Analysis of the 22 halves of rugby played between the 2 teams in the Six Nations at Twickenham
  • Wales v England - All results from 2000 - References live Wikipedia data and updates its insights automatically whenever Wikipedia gets edited
  • RWC 2019 pool stage analysis - Again, transforms Wikipedia data to deliver insights on the pool stage of the Rugby World Cup held in Japan

  • Information Management: Apps & Services

    A power user of both macOS and iOS, I automate tasks using a variety of apps and services.

    Highlighting my preference for portability, information relating to how I integrate the services I use with each other, is presented in differing formats below.

  • myMindNode - An interactive, online mind map made with MindNode on macOS and iOS
  • Web page - Mind map above exported as Markdown and converted inline with this script
  • PDF presentation - Mind map exported as Markdown and converted to slides using Deckset
  • Dropbox Paper - Mind map exported as Markdown and rendered as an online outline
  • Workflowy - Mind map exported as OPML and published as an online outline

  • Ambassador